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10:34pm 09/03/2005
  hey i'm new here i found my way through alex

and my favorite flavor is either, crushed melon, or blue bubble gum

that is all
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04:51pm 03/07/2004
mood: bouncy
Hi guys! I'm so in love with cream soda... so I community searched it- and here I am! ADD ME!
Heart... Alex
06:31pm 11/12/2003
mood: cold
hey everyone,i'm new here.i'm candice and im from pittsburgh.i think everyone here loves the jones soda.my favorite is oranges and cream.well,if you wanna add me or whatever,i'll add you back.later

<3 candice
05:31pm 15/08/2003
mood: blah
I just wanted to let everyone know that I made a card playing table, and can anyone guess what the legs of the table are?

That's right! Jones Soda bottles...oh god it's great.

Actually...it fell apart. I super glued the bottles to a peice or cardboard and they all came off...

I'll post again when I make one that actually "works"...

10:43pm 25/11/2002
  ...Mayra? ...The Cat Girl? ......I'm here....... I finally got this damn livejournal and have joined the (as it should properly be written) Jones Soda Arrrrrrrmy. I hope you guys hang around every one in a while. Say hi :) I miss you.  
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03:43pm 21/10/2002
  every time that i drink a jones i remember this past summer. almost everyday i went to the little store off main street of my town and got a jones and some ice cream. i'll never forget waking up just before noon and meeting my favorite people downtown; drinking a jones and walking through the grass and around the gazebo holding hands. then going and playing guitars in the music store. *sigh* good times...

what are you reminded of when you drink a jones?
D'Peach Mode? 
12:18am 02/09/2002
mood: quixotic
Hey everyone! I just joined this lovely community, and ::sniffle:: I was just wondering if anyone has seen this D'Peach Mode drink Jones makes? I've loved Jones for quite awhile, but I still haven't been able to find it. :(

Obviously, I'm a big Depeche fan and it'd make my happy day to find this delish combination of DM and Jones.

To anyone that's already tried it, is it any good?

As for now, however I'll have to say my favourite Jone's is definitely Fufu Berry! XD

Fufu Berry is THE best ever o_O All hail le Fufu!
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06:11pm 27/08/2002
mood: chipper
everyone who hasn't already been there, should go to jonessoda.com. they have screen savers & wallpaper for you desktop. you can also submit fortunes so they can put 'em on the lids.
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04:38pm 15/07/2002
mood: thirsty
i bet you i love Jones Soda more than you.

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11:27pm 10/07/2002
  I'm Gabe, I'm from San Diego, and I'm boring. Green Apple Jones is the breakfast of champions.

Read my journal. I'm interesting, I swear.
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just joined. 
10:13pm 03/07/2002
  fufuberry rocks ;D  
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I Think I'm Going to Die.... 
03:45pm 03/07/2002
mood: DESPERATE!!!!
Someone, anyone, can you help me out? Seems that my trip down here to California, has one down point. I CAN'T SEEM TO FIND ANY JONES SODA! So I've had to substitute, and drink Snapple: ( Good....but not Jones Soda. I'm in the San Jose area, so anyone from here, tell me where I can find some Jones soda.
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09:47pm 30/06/2002
mood: awake
"Ignorance never settles a question"

this is so true... don't you love Jones Quoats!
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12:06pm 29/06/2002
  :drool: This is beyond awesome. Jones soda is so great...  
02:35pm 28/06/2002
mood: accomplished
Yay. A Jones Soda Community. COOL BEANS. COOL COOL BEANS. And yes. I collect the pictures too. My favorite is the one with the girl with a nail in her nose. :)

I also collect the caps. Duh. My favorite one? Is "Ask Yourself Why". How can you not love that? Jones Soda Rocks. So... how is everyone? ...
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So bloody tired.... 
12:14pm 28/06/2002
mood: thirsty
"You will find great fourtune when traveling great distances." Eh, that's what my Jones Soda bottle cap says and I'm going to California on Monday. Does California count for great distances?
10:19am 28/06/2002
mood: crappy

Stumbled on this by way of the Vancouver comm.

I must say my favorite Jones is Dave. And Fufu Berry.

Does anyone else collect the pics?
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04:03pm 12/06/2002
mood: accomplished
Me and as for the rest of the creators of this community, welcome you to this community we call, "Jones Soda Army." I hope you have grown to love Jones Soda as much as we have. This will be a place to kick back, be peaceful, and drink Jones Soda. Though I have not YET tried all flavors, I must say, Jones Juice Black tea, is by far, my favorite. What is your favorite Jones Soda flavor? -God
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04:01pm 12/06/2002
mood: annoyed
hey hey hey thought I'd post in here