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Yay. A Jones Soda Community. COOL BEANS. COOL COOL BEANS. And yes. I collect the pictures too. My favorite is the one with the girl with a nail in her nose. :)

I also collect the caps. Duh. My favorite one? Is "Ask Yourself Why". How can you not love that? Jones Soda Rocks. So... how is everyone? ...
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welcome to the comm... me and my friend mayra are the founders... heh anyway, hope you enjoy it. I collect the pics and the caps too... but thats if I cant save the bottles... I have something like 30 bottles... heh anyway. bbyes!
I have roughly 30 some odd caps, and I just started saving the bottles. Too bad I can't find any place that sells cases of Jones.
If you have a Safeway where you are... they sell em in 4packs over by all the other hot sodas!
tons of fun.